Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference Proceedings



Notifications emailed to 2018 ITL Session authors


Thank you to everyone who submitted a session proposal for the 2018 Innovations in Teaching & Learning conference!  

This year, we received a record number of proposals (~90) and the competition was extremely rigorous for a limited number of spots. Program selections were determined through a blind review process: 3-4 Mason instructors, representing a range of experience with Stearns Center events and teaching, reviewed each proposal.  When making the final decision about a session proposal, the ITL planning committee carefully considered the reviewer scores and comments, how the proposal contributed to a diverse program, and the number of spots available.  

Emails have be sent to the PRIMARY authors only.  If you are a primary author, please forward the details to your co-authors and complete the online form to confirm your acceptance or send regrets.  The form can be found in your notification email.

The tentative schedule will be posted during the summer. Please check here for updates.


Laura Lukes, PhD

2018 ITL Conference Director

Posted: 2018-05-21