ON DEMAND: Building Process Management Skills by Using an Interactive Timeline in Your Course


  • Audrey Pettibon




Quite often, it can be difficult for students to recognize how low-stakes assignments are preparing them for the more complex, high-stakes assignments in our courses. This can hinder their ability to develop effective process management skills, necessary for planning and executing multi-step tasks in a project-based learning model. This hyperlinked, digital poster illustrates the timeline of major projects throughout the semester, and identifies and connects the various skill-building activities/assignments leading up to each. As you navigate through the links, you can explore a variety of resources, group activities and discussions that help build critical reading, rhetorical analysis and synthesis skills required for projects in ENGH 302 - Advanced Composition. This timeline can be used as an interactive reference guide for your students, as they can quickly revisit specific skill-building activities as needed throughout the term. This timeline could effectively be tailored to fit any course, across disciplines.

Author Biography

Audrey Pettibon

College of Humanities and Social Sciences





2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation