Table 23: [Meet Up] Global Discovery Grant Applicants


  • Facilitator: Whitney Morgan George Mason University; Global Education Office
  • Kristine Crassweller George Mason University; Global Education Office



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Looking to meet new people at Mason who are in a similar situation oràworking on similar projects as you? à

Join your fellow Mason instructors to informally discuss your proposal for the Global Discovery Grant RFP offered through the Office of Global Education. Meet with program managers to get feedback on your proposal and ask questions.

At the table, you will find desk copies of related resources (digital versions are available below), and an experienced Mason colleague who has experience and strategies to support the unique needs of this group of individuals.à

Not sure what to talk about?ààHere are some conversation starters:

  • What makes a strong proposal?
  • What is reasonable to request?
  • Are there restrictions?
  • How do I find an institution to partner with in the country if I don't already have a collaboration set up?
  • How do you define ââ¬Åglobalââ¬Â learning experience, and how does that relate to the course(s) you teach?

  • What kind of ââ¬Åglobalââ¬Â experiences are most valuable to professionals in your field?

  • What kind of global opportunities are already offered in your department or program? What would you like to help expand or create?

Still have questions?ààLeave a post it note on the table sign at the end of the Share-a-thon or email your questions toà



The Global Education Office invites all faculty across Mason to submit a funding proposal for theàGlobal Discovery Grant.à Our objective is to have one course from each college travel abroad in the spring of 2018 and to build a pathway for students to study abroad. The proposal should illustrate how travel will enhance student engagement and understanding of course content.à


Within the attached RFP you will find all information necessary to build your program narrative as well and resources to aid you in building an embedded program.


Proposals should be submitted through theàMasonAbroadàsite by Monday, September 25th, 2017. Completed proposals will be reviewed by a committee and those accepted will be notified by October.


About the Award


Masonââ¬â¢sàGlobal Discovery Grantàis an innovative university initiative that supports the development of intensive global experiences that are travel components of existing credit-bearing courses.à Global Discoveryââ¬â¢s goal is to expand access for Masonââ¬â¢s diverse student body and to provide alternative ways for our students to engage in global educational experiences.à All Global Discovery programs are peer-reviewed and competitively funded based on criteria that determine the degree to which each program is able to connect studentsââ¬â¢ classroom work with existing global issues and challenges.


For our students theàGlobal Discovery Grantàenables a student to have a meaningful global experience in a relative short period of time; it provides one of the most affordable study abroad options, and it provides unique exposure and access to Mason faculty.


For our faculty theàGlobal Discovery Grantàprovides an opportunity to connect with students in a direct way; it can bolster oneââ¬â¢s teaching, research and service; it provides an experiential learning component to oneââ¬â¢s course(s); and it provides a supported framework within which to develop a travel component to oneââ¬â¢s course.


We welcome all those interested in submitting proposals and look forward to working together in the semester to come on this tremendous opportunity for both faculty and students alike.




Brian Gibson

Executive Director, Global Education Office


Author Biographies

Facilitator: Whitney Morgan, George Mason University; Global Education Office

White Morgan is theàExperiential Learning Program Officer for the Global Education Office at George Mason University.

Kristine Crassweller, George Mason University; Global Education Office

Kristine Crassweller is theàScholarship & Grants Program Officer for the Global Education Office at George Mason University.