Increasing Student-Content Engagement in Online Courses


  • Alexandria Zylstra George Mason University; School of Business



teaching online, student engagement, student motivation


BRIEF SESSION DESCRIPTION:Learn how student engagement with an online textbook student resources can increase student learning in an online business course. This session will highlight how student scores and perceptions of learning are impacted by participation in an online textbook companion.________________________________________________________________FULL ABSTRACT: Online course instructors often struggle with how to encourage students to engage with the course content, beyond passive reading of textbooks or viewing of online lecture content.à The presentation will focus on a comparison between an online business class that does engage with an online textbook companion, MindTap, and an online business class that does use MindTap. Rather than just demonstrate how to use the tools, however, the instructor will present the test outcomes comparing two sections of the same online business course, as well as student perceptions of the usefulness of such resources. Does active student engagement with the textbook content increase student outcomes, or is there little difference between these students and those who learn passively? Faculty will be able to see tangible outcomes comparing students learning without online engagement with textbook companion sources, and those students learning with such resources. Can these resources benefit student confidence in the course material and, subsequently, boost student outcomes?

Author Biography

Alexandria Zylstra, George Mason University; School of Business

Alexandria Zylstra is an associate professor of Business Legal Studies in the School of Business.





1:00pm-2:30pm Workshops