Re-envisioning the Annotated Bibliography Assignment


  • Marilyn Sharif George Mason University; College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Higher Education Program



critical thinking, student writing



This session will provide an alternative to the traditional annotated bibliography assignemnt that requires students to integrate and analyze their scholarly resources in a more productive and effective manner.


FULL ABSTRACT: Developing a literature review requires students to not only review their scholarly sources, but also to integrate and critically analyze them. However, students often dump an annotated bibliography into their literature review without the necessary integration and critical analysis. This session presents an alternative assignment and tool that addresses these issues. It includes: 1) an introduction and review of the goals and learning outcomes of the assignment, 2) reviews and gives examples of how the tool scaffolds the learning process and addresses the challenges of integration and critical thinking in the development of the analysis, and 3) reviews the assessment rubric for the assignment. This alternative approach is adaptable to any course which requires the development of a research paper or project based on a scholarly literature review for one, or multiple, disciplines. They will be able to include this assignment in their courses as a replacement for the traditional annotated bibliography. Handouts will be available to those who attend the session.

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Marilyn Sharif, George Mason University; College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Higher Education Program

Marilyn Sharif, George Mason University, HEP, CHSS.à Marilyn Sharif is a Doctor of Arts candidate in the Higher Education Program, College of Humanities and Social Sciences.





1:00pm-1:40pm Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables