Conquer Glossophobia: Help Students Overcome Their Fear of Public Speaking


  • Deborah Finkelstein George Mason University; College of Humanities and Social Sciences; English Department



well-being, mindfulness, student engagement, reflective practice



Explore techniques for overcoming the fear of public speaking and learn how to share this strategies with students.


FULL ABSTRACT: In this session, techniques for overcoming the fear public speaking will be demonstrated, followed by attendees participating in some of these exercises. Variations of the exercises will be shared so that participants have many options to share with students. This knowledge will not only benefit the student in this class, but will benefit the student when making presentations in other classes and in the job world. They can be used by people of any age or any background, and in any discipline. Also, participants that have their own fear of public speaking would also be able to use these techniques when they present at a conference. As a take-away, a handoutwill be provided that lists additional public speaking resources for further learning, such as recommended pedagogical articles from journals as well as articles and videos from leaders in the field. Insights and lessons learned from presenter using these exercises in their own classroom as well as in training over 100 TED and TEDx speakers, working one-on-one with speakers at the Next Generation of Government Training Summit and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, and consulting with speakers through their company, Fireworks Communication Consultants will be also shared.

Author Biography

Deborah Finkelstein, George Mason University; College of Humanities and Social Sciences; English Department

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, English Department





11:20am-12:00pm Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables