Other Tables: [Open]-Make your own topic OR designate a "Quiet zone"

Table Facilitator = You!

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 8:00-9:00am (Share-a-thon) | Location: Johnson Center (Dewberry Hall)


Looking for a table topic not covered?  
Looking for a “quiet” space that you don’t have to talk to anyone?
There will be materials at these tables to create you own topic sign or designate the table as a “No talking table.”  It’s good to balance individual and group/collaborative time!
Looking for some discussion ideas?
  • So far, what has been the best 10-20 minutes’ worth of teaching and learning for you this semester, and why?

  • What’s something you’re trying new this semester, and how is it going?

  • What or who has pleasantly surprised you in your classrooms this semester?

  • What’s the best resource or piece of advice you’ve encountered recently about teaching and learning?

  • Have you had a “That’s Just So Mason!” moment in any of your teaching this semester?

  • What would you most like to find out about your students, about how they work or learn or respond, about what they hope for or worry about?


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