Mason Impact, OSCAR, and undergraduate education at Mason

Bethany Usher, Laurence Bray, Laura Poms, Anthony Hoefer

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 4:15pm-5:45pm (Poster Session) | Location: Johnson Center (Dewberry Hall)


Mason has taken a new initiative for enhancing its undergraduate education, which fits under the big umbrella of Mason Impact. This initiative has been created to ensure that our graduates are the next generation of leaders, alumni who are impacting the world and look back on their Mason experience as the foundation of their success. Mason Impact builds on the legacy of Virginia and Mason, our unique location and variety of academic programs, our expanding challenge-driven research agenda, our experience in being a leader in undergraduate scholarship, and our civic responsibility, to create a unique Mason identity. This poster will describe the architecture under the new Mason Impact Umbrella, which consists of three main categories: 1) engaged citizens, 2) well-rounded scholars, and 3) prepared to act. In the first category, students will take advantage of integrative, innovative, and experiential learning opportunities on campus, regionally, and globally. In the second category, Mason core and OSCAR will be the main drivers for opportunities through undergraduate courses and undergraduate research, respectively. Finally, in the third category, students will learn to translate their knowledge and skills into action and solve real-world problems via entrepreneurship experience and career guidance.

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Mason Impact, Engaged Citizens, Well-rounded Scholars, Prepared to Act, inquiry-based learning; research experiences for undergraduates; student writing; multidisciplinary learning; interdisciplinary learning; transdisciplinary learning


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