Leveraging the student success collaborative to promote advising as teaching

Jeannie Brown Leonard, Liz Bartles

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 4:15pm-5:45pm (Poster Session) | Location: Johnson Center (Dewberry Hall)


The Student Success Collaborative (SSC)–Campus technology platform offers academic advisors clear and easy access to student academic performance data. Undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree students at Mason are in this Platform that receives nightly data updates from Banner. By using the features of the SSC-Campus product, advisors can manage advising caseloads, have productive advising appointments, engage in student outreach campaigns to support students before they are in crisis, and track advising activity. Participants in this mini workshop need to bring laptops (or the session needs to be scheduled in a computer lab) to allow hands-on interaction with the Platform and Institutional Reports. Institutional Reports offer an analysis of 10-years of Mason data that helps us identify courses and grade thresholds that are predictive of graduation in each major. These success marker courses discerned from historical data can inform academic advisors about current students in the Platform and whether they are on track with their degree progress. By leveraging the SSC-Campus technology, academic advisors are able to shift from a transactional style of advising to one aligned with Mason’s Academic Advising mission statement: Academic advisors teach, support, and connect students to relevant resources. Come learn more about the SSC-Campus Platform!



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