Table 4: [Conversation] Course redesign: Next time things will be different

Facilitator: Terri Ann Guingab

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 8:00-9:00am (Share-a-thon) | Location: Johnson Center (Dewberry Hall)


*No special preparation required* Welcome to ITL and this table! Join your fellow Mason instructors to informally discuss this table's topic. At the table, you will find desk copies of related resources (digital versions are available below), and an experienced Mason colleague who has experience and strategies related to this topic.  Not sure what to talk about?  Here are some conversation starters:
  • Share a little about yourselves: 

    • Department

    • Years at Mason

    • Courses you are teaching

    • What excites you about teaching?

  • What brought you to this table?

  • What is working in your course now?

  • What isn’t working? How do you know?

  • What are you interested in trying next time?

  • How is your class better than the internet, or how could it be?

  • What are some small things that you could change before completely restructuring your course?

  • What are your key learning goals vs. your key learning objectives for students?

Have an example or resource to share?  Submit through this link and we'll upload it after the conference: Still have questions?  Leave a post it note on the table sign at the end of the Share-a-thon or email your questions to   ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:  For more information about the Course Redesign Academy:


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