Snapchat and culturally responsive teaching

Aseel Almubaddel, Daniah Aleissa

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 2:45pm-3:25pm | Location: TEACHING DEMO 4-B: Johnson Center (Room F)



Learn how to use Snapchat to connect with and engage students in the classroom.


FULL ABSTRACT: An ideal diverse classroom should be student-centered where teachers are facilitators in their classrooms. Therefore, teachers are urged to educate themselves to engage in culturally responsive teaching (CRT) through using the tools that can serve as vehicles in the classroom. Digital technologies are among the most powerful tools used to support both teaching and learning, and to promote culturally responsive practice. Snapchat can be used as a tool to connect teachers with their learners and to introduce new topics and allow students relate them to their own personal backgrounds. Through both the awareness of the importance of CRT and the usage of Snapchat in the classroom teachers can prepare our 21st century students to be global citizens.


digital tools; student engagement; digital pedagogy


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