Get Kahoot!: The pedagogical utility of a game-based learning platform

Amy Bangerter

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 1:50pm-2:30pm | Location: TEACHING DEMO 3-A: Johnson Center (Room E)



This session will explore how Kahoot can support a variety of pedagogical methods to increase student learning, comprehension, and class interaction.


FULL ABSTRACT: I will be demonstrating how to use a game-based learning platform, Kahoot, in ways that support a variety of pedagogical methods to increase student learning and comprehension as well as class interaction and subject interest. The learning platform can be used to collect information through the use of surveys, test students' prior knowledge through content-based quizzes, both as individuals and in small groups, present new information through one-right answer quizzes, and serve as a foundation for developing classroom discussions and learning. Participants will be able to experience these tools in real time during the demonstration (just as students would), and I will provide examples of surveys and quizzes that were successful in my classes this year.  Participants will learn ways to use Kahoot to accomplish multiple pedagogical goals while raising levels of student interest in the subject matter (works for a wide variety of disciplines).


active learning; active learning classrooms; digital tools; student engagement


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