OER Part 1: Collaborating and Developing Open Educational Resources for Your Courses

Amy Lewis, Steven Harris-Scott, Colleen Sweet, Alexia Vikis, Sonia Balasch, Lisa Rabin

Session Information

Year: 2017 | Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm | Location: WORKSHOP: Johnson Center (Room B)




FULL ABSTRACT: Open Educational Resources (OER) are digital and accessible education materials with an open license in the public domain. OER are a notable trend among universities due to reducing dependency on textbooks and allowing for faculty to create material based upon their own training and classroom experiences. This session will provide in-depth examples and share lessons learned from creating original OER materials for George Mason University's 300-level required Spanish courses aiming for up- to-date linguistic and cultural knowledge on the globalized Spanish-speaking world and 500-level humanities courses aiming for the transition to graduate studies in the US for international students. These projects were funded and completed through the Mason 4-VA, in collaboration with the University Libraries and Mason Online. We will present our experience in transitioning to OER including the challenges encountered and learning as educators in what became a highly creative and collaborative process. Attendees will be led through a presentation of original OER material, as well as a demonstration on how to start a group project and to create a course module in an OER repository. For attendees with access to digital materials and mobile devices during the workshop, hands-on practice for creating a lesson within an OER repository will be provided.


leaning spaces; teaching online; multilingual learners; international student; digital tools


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