Family Evaluation of Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability


  • Margo Izzo Ohio State University
  • Amy Shuman The Ohio State University
  • Jessie Green The Ohio State University
  • Eric Anderson Bowling Green State University
  • Diane Weinbrant University of Cincinnati



Program evaluation, family survey, students with intellectual disability, postsecondary education, State alliance


During the past decade, numerous postsecondary programs for students with intellectual disability have emerged as have standards to improve the quality of those programs. We used the Think College Standards for Inclusive Higher Education to develop a family survey to evaluate and improve programs. Overall, family responses were positive for most of the standards and indicated that students gained self-advocacy, technology and employment skills. Families indicated that we can improve on two standards: coordination/collaboration with adult services, and career development. Perspectives from families of current and past students provide critical information that enhances the quality of postsecondary programs for students with ID.

Author Biographies

Amy Shuman, The Ohio State University

Professor, English and Anthropology

Jessie Green, The Ohio State University

Masters of Education

Eric Anderson, Bowling Green State University

PhD, BCBA, Assistant Professor, Special Education

Diane Weinbrant, University of Cincinnati

Ed.D, Director of Community Relations and Job Development




How to Cite

Izzo, M., Shuman, A., Green, J., Anderson, E. ., & Weinbrant, D. (2024). Family Evaluation of Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability. Journal of Inclusive Postsecondary Education, 6(1).