Addressing Alcohol Awareness with College Students with Intellectual Disability


  • Madelaine A. Ferrell Vanderbilt University
  • Erik Carter Vanderbilt University



intellectual disability; postsecondary education; alcohol education; inclusion


As a growing number of colleges and universities establish inclusive postsecondary education (ISPE) programs for students with intellectual disability, new questions arise about how to best to support their full participation all aspects of campus life. One issue that has received limited attention in the literature is alcohol use among young adults with intellectual disability. This qualitative study explored how seven inclusive higher education programs addressed alcohol education and the complexities of this important endeavor. Individual interviews with program staff identified a diversity of program policies, addressed how programs are addressing alcohol education, and revealed myriad challenges in doing this well. We offer practical recommendations for inclusive higher education programs and suggest areas for future research.




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Ferrell, M. ., & Carter, E. (2022). Addressing Alcohol Awareness with College Students with Intellectual Disability. Journal of Inclusive Postsecondary Education, 4(1).