Four Methods for Engaging Students with Socratic Teaching Techniques in Large Enrollment STEM Courses Using Notecards


  • Reid Schwebach STEM Accelerator
  • Alex Johnson Biology



enaged learning


Participants will learn four techniques using notecardsàfor engaging students in large-lecture classroom STEM courses, to enhance student engagement. The strategies have these approaches: (1) cold-calling students with impromptu questions (putting the student "on the spot"), (2) asking students to bring questions for next class, (3) giving students the option "to be asked" a question or "to ask" the instructor a question, and (4) identifying reporter students to reflect on group discussion or clicker polling questions. During the session, participants will engage with the techniques and consider data from our research to identify how these methods could be used in other courses to counter communication anxiety, improve grades, increase participation, and increase attendance. These notecards also contain student information such as name, major, and past experiences with science, helping the instructor better know the students in the course. Four semesters of student data were collected. Student survey responses about the benefits of these methods were associated with unique student grades, participation, and attendance. The technique was reported to make a substantial positive contribution to the level of engagement in the course. These techniques are applicable across different disciplines and are an easy-to-learn, student-centered teaching strategy.





4:15pm-5:30pm POSTER SESSION (Group A- 4:15-4:45pm)