Multimedia in Teaching and Learning: Content Acquisition Podcasts


  • Anya Evmenova Graduate School of Education
  • Margaret Weiss Graduate School of Education





The use of multimedia in K-12 and higher education is expanding. This presentation will discuss the use of Content Acquisition Podcasts (CAPs) for providing accessible professional development in evidence-based practices (EBPs) for current and prospective teachers as well as the further use of CAPs in K-12 classrooms. CAPs are multimedia-based instructional vignettes that deliver instruction for any topic, created using Mayer's 12 effective instructional design principles (Mayer, 2009). Only essential information is presented in CAPs, excluding any irrelevant or extraneous information. All text, images, as well as human and engaging narration used in CAPs are aligned and presented in close proximity. Explicit cues are used to signal the important information, so that the text on the screen highlights the importance of the presented information. CAPs provide multiple practice opportunities for the content and can be accessible for students at any time, not just during class. Sample CAPs have been created in Microsoft PowerPoint using the built-in narration feature and can be found at While the examples provided are all in the area of special education, CAPs can be created and used in absolutely any discipline. Attendees will learn about the research activities and results of the 4-VA grant (CAPs-for-CAPs) recently awarded to the presenters.

Author Biography

Anya Evmenova, Graduate School of Education

**2016 GMU Teaching Excellence Award-Technology**





4:15pm-5:30pm POSTER SESSION (Group A- 4:15-4:45pm)