A Visual Odyssey To Improve Teaching Practice


  • Lesley Smith New Century College
  • Autumn Casey School of Theater
  • Lynne Scott Constantine School of Art
  • Rebecca Ericson Physics & Astronomy
  • Anya Evmenova Graduate School of Education
  • Mary Ewell Physics & Astronomy
  • Seth Hudson Computer Game Design
  • Shawn Lee School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism
  • Laura Lukes Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence
  • Star Muir Communication
  • Jill Nelson Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Laura Poms Global & Community Health
  • Shelley Reid English
  • Anastasia Samaras Graduate School of Education






Just as they ask their students to risk uncertainty, fifteen scholars at George Mason University stepped beyond their customary research paradigms to build fresh capacity via collaborative self-study of teaching and the medium of visually rich environments. Participants embarked on this visual odyssey as individuals, but they present as a collaborative (S3C). Drawing on data from individual projects, a concurrent meta-study, and the research of predecessor communities, they argue that self-study empowers scholars to excel outside their domains as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholars, to "move out of their own way" in order to learn and to nurture the core authenticity of the teacher-scholar.

After a short introduction to the collaborative's work and research results, the audience will break out for a "gallery walk and talk" through the visual and textual work of S3C, with multiple opportunities for discussion. In the final 10-15 minutes, presenters and audience discuss how S3C research results might apply to participants' own teaching and learning.

Author Biographies

Lesley Smith, New Century College

**2004 GMU Teaching Excellence Award**

Autumn Casey, School of Theater

**2017 GMU Teaching Excellence Award**

Lynne Scott Constantine, School of Art

**2015 GMU Teacher of Distinction**

Rebecca Ericson, Physics & Astronomy

**2015 GMU Teaching Exellence Award-General Education**

Anya Evmenova, Graduate School of Education

**2016 GMU Teaching Excellence Award-Technology**

Shawn Lee, School of Recreation, Health, and Tourism

**2013 GMU Teacher of Distinction**

**2014 GMU Teacher of Distinction**

Star Muir, Communication

**1994 GMU Teaching Excellence Award**

Jill Nelson, Electrical & Computer Engineering

**2014 GMU Teaching Excellence Award**






3:35pm-4:15pm Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables