Cultivating Mindfulness through Meditation in a Classroom Setting from Students' Perspective


  • Al Fuertes New Century College
  • Mary Wayland New Century College





Cultivating mindfulness through meditationàis vital towards holistic education and studentsââ¬â¢ wellbeing. Individual reflections students submitted in this study suggest that by paying attention to what is going on around us, including our thoughts and feelings without judging them, we can minimize our stress and anxiety, improve focus and attention, and increase self awareness and wellbeing. àStudents in three New Century Learning Community classes (NCLC) namely, Refugee and Internal Displacement (3 credits), Human Trafficking and the International Community (3 credits), and Conflict, Trauma and Healing (6 credits) in Spring 2015 experienced first-hand the benefits of mindfulness, and what it was like to always begin a class with a five to ten minutes of meditation. Studentsââ¬â¢ reflections indicate that not only does meditation enable students to be present in the moment the experience also improves concentration, calmness, and peace of mind. They are able to participate and interact more in discussion and learning activities. Meditation helps them absorb course materials well. àStudents would like their professors, regardless of the courses they teach, consider integrating mindfulness through meditation as part of studentsââ¬â¢ learning experience in class.à

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Al Fuertes, New Century College

**2008 GMU Teaching Excellence Award**





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