Gen Ed to Grad School: Three Teaching Techniques that Work Across Different Disciplines, Learning Platforms, and Level of Instruction


  • Robin Ericson School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  • Rebecca Ericson Physics & Astronomy



engaged learning


One presenter teaches Master's degree courses in Conflict Analysis & Resolution completely online, while the other presenter teaches general education astronomy online and in a hybrid-style large-enrollment laboratory class. What could these courses possibly have in common? The answer is shared approaches to assignments that work to stimulate self-motivated, deep learning in students. The teaching techniques look somewhat different in the different courses, but we will discuss three that are flexible enough to work for all kinds of classes and disciplines. Concept (or mind) maps, role playing (or expert)-type projects, and portfolios all work when we modify them to meet the delivery system and the learning goals of the course. We will provide examples of how we use these in our own courses and how we have modified them in distance and face-to-face environments. We will also give an opportunity for participants to think of ways they might apply any or all of these to their own courses.

Author Biography

Rebecca Ericson, Physics & Astronomy

**2015 GMU Teaching Exellence Award-General Education**





11:20am-12:00pm Mini-Workshops, Panels, & Roundtables