ON DEMAND: Virtual Interactive Poster Presentations


  • Melissa Hauber




This teaching and learning artifact describes how a final presentation assignment for a master’s-level course in education was adapted to a synchronous online format modeled after an interactive conference poster session. Students each created a virtual poster using the OSCAR template to share the research projects they completed for the course and presented them to their peers in Zoom breakout rooms. The class was divided into three groups so that students could move between presentations, view classmates’ posters, listen to a brief explanation, ask questions, and provide feedback; both attendees and presenters filled out short peer and self-evaluations using Google Forms. This format facilitated more interaction and engagement than each student presenting to the whole class, which is particularly important in online instruction. The artifact includes instructions provided to students beforehand, the poster template, a description of logistics during the presentation session, peer and self-evaluation surveys, and an instructor rubric as well as several example posters and student feedback about the activity.





2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation