ON DEMAND: Teaching during a Pandemic: The Switch from Student to Professor


  • Dina Abdo




During the Fall 2020 semester, I was given the opportunity to teach my first solo class. It would be my first time teaching my own class during a pandemic. While the pandemic made things difficult for myself and my students. I made sure to take the tips and practices I learned from PROV 701 seminar and my experience as a graduate teaching assistant. I made sure that my class was organized (my syllabus, blackboard, etc.) I found this to be very important for my students to be able to find out exactly where all resources and items were located. Another thing I did for my class was to send weekly emails with detailed notes sent to my student's email and announcements that included what we would be learning each week and dates/events to keep track of.





2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation