ON DEMAND: Developing and Validating Learning Modules for Strengthening MS Graduates’ Applied Research Skills


  • Ioulia Rytikova
  • Amrita Jose
  • Mihai Boicu
  • Harry Foxwell
  • James Baldo


The video will give educators an opportunity to discuss innovative pedagogical strategies and their effectiveness in promoting and building research skills in computing and data analytics related disciplines from both a student and instructor perspectives. Participants will be able to discuss strategies to build innovative curriculum for educators interested in incorporating research activities in their classes by “utilizing ready-to-use” Bb modules. They will learn how to integrate a variety of teaching and learning strategies into their courses to help their students succeed in their classes and workforce.

Author Biographies

Ioulia Rytikova

Volgenau School of Engineering

***OTEA 2021 Winner***

Amrita Jose

Volgenau School of Engineering

Mihai Boicu

Volgenau School of Engineering

Harry Foxwell

Volgenau School of Engineering

James Baldo

Volgenau School of Engineering





2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation