COLLABORATIVE: Anti-Racist and Inclusive Excellence (ARIE) Curriculum and Pedagogy Committee Community Roundtable Discussion (90 mins)


  • Tehama Lopez Bunyasi
  • Kelly Knight
  • Lauren Cattaneo
  • Stephanie Dodman
  • Shekila Melchior
  • Kristen Wright



"The Presidential Initiative on Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence (ARIE) was established to ensure that George Mason University creates an inclusive and equitable campus environment in which every member of our community, without exception, is valued, supported, and experiences a sense of belonging." A task force of various committees was established in an effort to work on specific areas of focus with one of those areas being curriculum and pedagogy. The curriculum and pedagogy committee was charged with identifying ways in which curriculum and pedagogy at Mason needs to be developed, evaluated, refined or expanded in order to meet the standard of antiracism. The committee made several recommendations and prioritized their top three including a foundational course for incoming students, system-wide faculty development, as well as measurement, accountability, and tracking for faculty development. One of the recommendations, amongst others, currently moving forward by the ARIE implementation team is the foundational course.

During this roundtable discussion, attendees will learn more about the committee’s recommendations and the foundational course. Additionally, consistent with the committee’s prioritization of faculty development, there will a be a panel discussion on incorporating anti-racism in the classroom. Following the panel, attendees will also have an opportunity to share their experiences with anti-racist teaching practices and will work collaboratively to create a shared resource document. This session will benefit anyone looking to incorporate anti-racism in their teaching practices and/or learn more about the efforts of the ARIE curriculum and pedagogy committee.

Author Biographies

Tehama Lopez Bunyasi

***TEA 2021 Winner***

Kelly Knight

***TEA 2020 Winner***






2021 MONDAY 3:00-4:30 pm