COLLABORATIVE: Office of Undergraduate Education (UGE): Mason Core and Outcomes (90 mins)


  • Melissa Broeckelman-Post
  • Bethany Usher
  • Laura Poms



What do we want students to know and do by the time that they graduate? What are the themes that unite the Mason Core, majors, and minors? How can we be more intentional about including these themes into the Mason Core, and into our academic programs? We've been having conversations with many groups around campus over the past two years, and have a proposed set of six themes that together define a George Mason University education. Additionally, faculty on the Mason Core committee have proposed some changes to explicitly address diversity and globalization, and to integrate the themes into the Capstone experience. In this session, we'll review the themes and the proposed changes, and talk about the implications of these updates.

Author Biography

Laura Poms

***TEA 2018 Winner***





2021 TUESDAY 3:00-4:30 pm