COLLABORATIVE: Responding to Student Writing: Strategies for Efficient and Inclusive Feedback on Writing Assignments (90 mins)


  • Anna S. Habib
  • Susan Lawrence
  • Courtney Massie



Writing can be a powerful mode of learning in the disciplines (e.g. Carter, 2007; Anderson et al., 2015), but responding to student writing can feel overwhelming given the range of students’ writing abilities in an increasingly internationalized and diverse campus. In this workshop, participants will gain and practice strategies for providing focused, efficient feedback that supports learning, minimizes time on task, and advances goals for inclusive education. Attendees should bring a sample of student writing and a course calendar from one of their courses. (The sample and calendar need not be from the same course.)

Author Biographies

Anna S. Habib

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

***TEA 2020 Winner***

Susan Lawrence

English/Writing Center

Courtney Massie

College of Humanities and Social Sciences





2021 WEDNESDAY 3:00-4:30 pm