Q&A w/ ON DEMAND (Group A)


  • Sheena Serslev
  • Evelyn Tomaszewski
  • Justin Ramsdell
  • Vivek Narayanan


This session will be an informal, facilitated discussion between On Demand presenters and session attendees. On Demand materials will be available to view on the first day of the conference (September 20) via the ITL Conference Proceedings page, but the discussions will likely not involve screening/showing of the On Demand materials.

The following On Demand Presenters will participate:

• Evelyn Tomaszewski – “Engaging Students in Synchronous Hybrid Environments: What We Can Learn from HyFlex Teaching”
• Justin Ramsdell – “Moving Past Written Assignments: Visual Representations of Course Material”
• Vivek Narayanan – “How Social Annotation Brings Back Close Reading and Transforms Your Class Discussion”
• Sheena Serslev – “Assessing Assessments: Delving into the Inaugural Pilot Review Process of Academic Annual Assessments”





2021 TUESDAY 12:00pm-12:45pm