WORKSHOP: What are Essential Quality Indicators for My Online Course? (40 mins)


  • Darlene Smucny
  • Monisha Tripathy


Stearns Center Digital Learning has developed the Online Quality Checklist and Guidelines to help Mason faculty identify ways to guide online course design or re-design, and to enhance/improve existing online courses. The quality indicators in the Checklist apply to both asynchronous and synchronous online courses & teaching. In this session, we provide an opportunity for faculty to learn about essentials for online course quality, to work with the checklist, to reflect on their own practices, and to share best practices and ideas for improvements with other faculty.

Author Biographies

Darlene Smucny

Office of Provost, Stearns Center Digital Learning

Monisha Tripathy

Provost Office





2021 MONDAY 12:00pm-12:45pm