PANEL/ROUNDTABLE: Teaching about Societal Problems: Strategies for Engaging and Supporting Students (90 mins)


  • Lauren Kuykendall
  • Lauren Cattaneo
  • Leah Adams



Classes that promote awareness of societal problems (e.g., racism, poverty, sexism) can motivate students to contribute to a more just society, yet they can also evoke intense sadness, pessimism, and disillusionment. This panel and roundtable discussion will highlight the importance of being aware of students’ reactions to material in these classes. Panelists will discuss strategies they have used to support students’ processing of their thoughts and emotions in these types of classes and facilitate a group discussion for participants to share their relevant challenges and strategies.

Author Biographies

Lauren Kuykendall

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

***TEA-High Impact 2021 Winner***

Lauren Cattaneo

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

***TEA 2017 Winner***

Leah Adams

College of Humanities and Social Sciences





2021 FRIDAY 10:00am-11:30am