PANEL/ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: Mentoring Undergraduate Research and Creative Projects Roundtable (45 Mins)


  • Karen Lee
  • Laura Ellen Scott
  • Danielle Rudes
  • David Luther
  • Lisa Gring-Pemble



There is a growing body of literature on best practices for mentoring undergraduate student projects. Yet, often, mentors work with undergraduate students without the opportunity for training, discussion of strategies, or membership in a community of mentors. Many of our best ideas for mentoring students come from discussions with other mentors. With COVID-19 restrictions and the new experience of mentoring students virtually, mentoring communities are increasingly important. This round table will allow participants to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss best practices in mentoring undergraduate projects. Specific information about opportunities to mentor students through OSCAR and other programs at Mason will be presented and participants will have time to ask questions and share strategies for effectively mentoring undergraduate student projects, both course-embedded and independent. At the end of this session, participants will come away with strategies for recruiting and supporting undergraduate students researchers, a list of resources related to best practices for mentoring undergraduates, and a community of mentors to share strategies.

Author Biography

Karen Lee

OSCAR/Unergraduate Education






2021 MONDAY 12:00pm-12:45pm