WELCOME & KEYNOTE SPEAKER ADDRESS: Dr. Tia Brown McNair, "Intentionality By Design: Strengthening and Sustaining a Culture of Equity"


  • Stearns Center George Mason University


How do we accelerate broad-scale innovation and institutional change to advance evidence-based educational strategies that prioritize the creation of equity-conscious environments where students can thrive? ? How can educators ensure that students are fully prepared for life, work, and productive global citizenship? What changes need to be made in an institution's policies, practices, partnerships, and culture to make excellence inclusive for ALL students? How do we embed students’ “cultural wealth” into our educational designs to engage diversity and challenge inequities in student outcomes? This presentation will discuss the practical strategies outlined in From Equity Talk to Equity Walk for examining and establishing equity goals to promote student engagement and success, and to build race-conscious learning environments.

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Stearns Center, George Mason University

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2021 MONDAY 9:30am-11am