SHOWCASE & WORKSHOP: Documenting and Sharing Your Teaching by Creating Open Educational Resources (OERs; 90 mins)


  • Crystal Anderson George Mason University
  • Steve Brown George Mason University
  • Sang Nam George Mason University



As a result of the pandemic, open educational resources (OER), including free and openly licensed teaching materials, have gained more attention and interest.  With an increase in students undertaking online instruction, these materials proved to be more accessible to students and beneficial to instructors looking for a broader array of materials that more closely suited their needs. Further, with students having limited access to on-campus materials during the pandemic, OER can ensure materials are accessible to students no matter where they are learning from. As we transition into more teaching modes, including face-to-face and hybrid/blended courses, OER can play an essential role in instruction. This interactive session will provide an overview of OER as learning materials and a mode of faculty development. During the first part of this session, participants will learn more about the OER opportunities at Mason and hear from two faculty members who actively create and use OERs in their teaching.  During the second part of the session, participants will work with their own educational materials, focusing on alignment with student learning outcomes, transparency concerning purpose, and function in their overall teaching practice.  Participants will leave with OER development resources and a start on creating their own. 


Conveners: Crystal Anderson, Jade Geary 


Panelist Speakers:  

Steve Brown (College of Health and Human Services)- will share how he has used Open Education Resources in his Health Administration courses and discuss how they can be used effectively with competency-focused disciplines or courses. 

Sang Nam (College of Visual and Performing Arts) will share [coming soon] 

Author Biographies

Crystal Anderson, George Mason University

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Steve Brown, George Mason University

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Sang Nam, George Mason University

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2021 FRIDAY 10:00am-11:30am