ON DEMAND: Classroom Video for Lectures, Learning Media, and Examinations


  • Jason Kinser




Multi-purpose video usage in the classroom has been accelerated by the pandemic, and a plethora of tools are becoming available. As the resources improve, so do the opportunities to use videos for delivery of information, organizing student resources, and providing a new avenue for student assessment. This project is participating in the Stearns Center Assessment Redesign program.

This presentation will have three components. The first component is the use of technology to create lecture videos from lecture material. Creating videos is a time-consuming process, and this presentation will review the methods used their construction for CDS 411 (Modeling and Simulation II). The second component is born from the recent increase in student honor violations seen after the pivot to online teaching. CDS 411 replaced traditional examinations with student-created video presentations. The first attempt at this method did have some successes and some need for improvements. The third component is spurred by the fact that students in the sciences tend not to read the textbook, but the read only the summary and problems at the end of the chapters. CDS 411 is developing an investigator approach to presenting the course material through multiple mediums, which organizes the information in a linked tree, allowing the students to dive into various depths of the lessons in the same manner in which they use textbooks.

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Jason Kinser

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2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation