ON DEMAND: Fostering Growth Mindset to Increase Student Motivation, Perseverance, and Success


  • Jennifer Stawasz




Today’s students face new and ever-changing obstacles to learning. What do students do when they face a challenge? Do they persist, or do they give up?

Growth Mindset is the understanding that we can develop our qualities and abilities. When students have growth mindsets, they are more likely to embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and view effort as the path to mastery. When low-income and minority students are exposed to Growth Mindset concepts, stereotype threat is measurably reduced. Ultimately, students with growth mindsets are more successful learners.

This on-demand video will focus on strategies George Mason educators can use to create a Growth Mindset culture in their classrooms. Specifically, it will focus on 1) understanding Growth Mindset, 2) how to use Growth Mindset framing, praise, and feedback, and 3) how to convey to students the science that proves we can strengthen the neural connections in our brains through repeated effort, thereby improving our knowledge and skills.

Supplementary resources provided will include:
• Slide Deck
• Growth Mindset Framing Tool
• Growth Mindset Feedback Tool
• Sample Growth Mindset Rubric
• Sample Growth Mindset Lesson Plans
• Links to additional readings and videos about Growth Mindset

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Jennifer Stawasz

INTO Mason





2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation