ON DEMAND: Moving Past Written Assignments: Visual Representations of Course Material


  • Justin Ramsdell




This presentation reviews the strategies and lessons learned from implementing a "game board" assignment in assignment involving students, working collaboratively, to create their own "Chutes and Ladders" game board that fully explains the moral reasoning of criminal behavior. This assignment also involves incorporating the way temperamental and personality variables, mental illnesses, psychopathy, and situational variables *to name a few) accent moral decision making. This assignment is 7 weeks long, involves multiple submissions and peer feedback, and incorporates all the material from class into a single visual representation of the course material. Since the assignment is added onto weekly (after receiving peer feedback) the students often make many mistakes, redraw the board game, and (in general) are exposed to the information over and over while having to think about that information in a new way (i.e. a visual format as opposed to a written format). This is an assignment for forensic psychology, but can be used by anyone in any discipline, and also works well in a F2F, blended, or asynchronous online learning environment. Examples of student work will be shown

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Justin Ramsdell

College of Humanities and Social Sciences






2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation