ON DEMAND: Experiential Learning Project: Applying classroom knowledge to real life situations to meet learning outcomes.


  • Debra Stroiney




The experiential learning/client project implemented in KINE 350 is a semester long project that emphasizes knowledge in the course as well as pre-requisite classes. The project requires students to take an assigned client through a consultation, exercise assessment, and to write an exercise prescription to improve health and fitness. The student then meets with the client to teach them the exercises and gain feedback on the prescription they created. Check-ins and feedback on the project are given throughout the semester to keep the student on track. Volunteer clients are recruited from lower level Kinesiology courses (ex: KINE 100) to purposely expose these students to what is to come, and hopefully get them excited about progressing through their classes. This project also acts as a mini capstone addressing both analytical and experiential learning outcomes. This course falls about half way through the program and is taken the semester prior to going on their first internship. This project allows students to practice what they have learned at this point in the program with a “real” person in preparation for working with the public at their internship sites. Sharing my experiences with this project will allow instructors across disciplines to learn about creating a semester long project specifically incorporating experiential learning in their classroom. It allows instructors to gain information on creation an experiential project for their area even if the student may not have the experience or credentials needed if on a job or internship site. This type of assignment also allows for the measurement of program outcomes which can be reported in connection with program goals. Learning to give appropriate feedback on this type of project is key to the students’ success. This assignment was adapted to an online format when we pivoted last year. Revisions were made to the project to ensure both the students and program were meeting the outcomes for experiential learning. Adaptations to experiential projects such as this for an online class will also be discussed.

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