ON DEMAND: Podcast Presentations That Build Professional Skills


  • Gretchen Hendricks




A fall 2020 collaboration between the School of Business and Student Media/WGMU Radio inspired a new assignment and presentation medium for the BUS 303 - Developing Your Professional Skills, Advanced Elements course - a podcast. The goal of the assignment was to create podcasts on professional skills topics relevant to students and emerging professionals covered in the course such as emotional intelligence and leadership. The podcasts would be shared through WGMU radio programming to inform all Mason students. Creating the podcasts also required use of many professional skills including conducting research, practicing rhetorical awareness, organization and time management, and oral and written communication. The assignment description provides guidelines on podcast content, technical production, delivery, and supportive resources. The podcast project resulted in (an example podcast will be shared) a new engaging and informative format for student presentations that showcased soft skills, diversity, and included honest personal experiences that were relatable and at times moving.

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Gretchen Hendricks

School of Business






2021 On Demand Pre-recorded Presentation