SHOWCASE: Mason Instructor Resources Roadshow and Resource Fair (90 mins)


  • Sharon Doetsch-Kidder
  • LaShonda Anthony
  • Jennifer Ashley
  • Elena Chiru George Mason University
  • Katie Clare
  • Crystal Clemons
  • Vicki Dominick
  • Alyssa Fahringer
  • Jesse Guessford George Mason University
  • Janet Ha Poirot
  • Steven Harris- Scott
  • Susan Lawrence
  • Karen Lee
  • Katie Lewis George Mason University
  • Courtney Massie
  • Esther Namubiru
  • Tom Polk
  • Korey Singleton
  • Nick Tatum
  • John Woosley
  • Bonny Paez
  • Anna Habib
  • Kimberly MacVaugh
  • Naomi Martinez- Jones
  • Amber Holton-Thomas
  • Briana Stewart
  • Rachel Lindsey
  • Anu Aneja
  • David Corwin
  • Josh Kinchen
  • Darren Wacker
  • Ramelle Riley
  • Lisa Andion
  • Lisa Clark
  • Zeina Habal
  • Leslie Kent



Mason has a wealth of resources that can help your students reach your course goals, such as the library, Writing Center, Communications Center, Data Services Center, Office of Academic Integrity, Center for the Advancement of Well-being, Women and Gender Studies Center, First-Gen+ Center, LGBTQ+ Resource Center, Disability Services, Learning Support Services, Global Education Office, OSCAR, Harmonize, Blackbooard, and more. For the first 45 minutes, come hear instructors explain how they have used a range of campus resources in their courses. For the next 45 minutes, chat with representatives from various offices about how you might incorporate them into your classes.

Lightning talk presenters:
Jennifer Ashley (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) – will discuss DiSC classroom instruction and workshops
Katie Clare (CWB)- will discuss the resources from the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
Janet Ha Poirot (CHSS-School of Integrative Studies) – will discuss Learning Services
Anna Habib (English) – will discuss the Writing Center
Steven Harris- Scott (History & INTO Mason) – will discuss GEO study abroad option added to World History course
Esther Namubiru (INTO Mason) – will discuss integration of library services
Bonny Paez (INTO Mason) – will discuss OAI

Breakout rooms:
BREAKOUT ROOM #1: First-generation and Undocumented Students at Mason
Amber Holton-Thomas (First-gen+ Center)

BREAKOUT ROOM #2: The Communications Lab
Briana M. Stewart (Communications)

BREAKOUT ROOM #3: The Writing Center and Writing Across the Curriculum
Tom Polk (WAC)
Courtney Massie (University Writing Center)
Susan Lawrence (Writing Center)- will discuss the Writing Center
This session will highlight resources for teaching and learning to write that are available to both students and faculty at Mason. With a primary focus on students at all levels, the Writing Center provides individual consultations, workshops, writing groups, and written resources, along with specialized support for multilingual and advanced graduate writers. With a primary focus on faculty and curriculum, the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Program offers workshops, learning communities, and consultations to support the instruction of writing in all disciplines. The WAC Program also supports faculty writing productivity and wellness through its Faculty Writers Community programming.

BREAKOUT ROOM #4: Disability Services and Assistive Technology Initiative
Naomi Martinez-Jones (Disability Services)
Korey Singleton (Assistive Technology Initiative)

This session will highlight the resources in place to support faculty, staff, and students with disabilities in the Mason community. This includes but is not limited to common student accommodations, how to implement accommodations, inclusive design strategies, digital accessibility resources (e.g., Blackboard Ally, captioning/transcription, document remediation), and more.

BREAKOUT ROOM #5: University Libraries, Digital Scholarship Center, and Discipline Librarians
Alyssa Fahringer (DiSC) will describe the services and resources the Digital Scholarship Center offers
Kimberly Macvaugh (University Libraries) will represent the Subject Librarians

BREAKOUT ROOM #6: Learning Services
Vicki Dominick (University Life)

Learning Services assists students with “learning how to learn” in order to achieve their academic goals. Many students find that learning and studying at Mason is different than what they were accustomed to in high school or community college. The staff provides a variety of free services to empower students to study effectively, manage assignments, and prepare for exams. In this breakout room, we will discuss how instructors can refer students to our services, including Academic Success Workshops, individual academic coaching, online academic success videos, and the tutoring resource list. In addition, instructors will learn how to invite an Academic Coach to visit their class to talk about study strategies.

BREAKOUT ROOM #7: Office of Academic Integrity
LaShonda Anthony (OAI) will discuss general challenges and share approaches to embed and promote integrity in the classroom, including an examination of assessment materials.

Karen Lee (OSCAR)
Jesse Guessford (Office of Undergraduate Education)

We will discuss the resources available at OSCAR, the Office of Student Scholarship, Creative Activities, and Research that faculty can use to increase opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in research, scholarly, or creative projects. We will also discuss other resources available through the Office of Undergraduate Education.

BREAKOUT ROOM #9: Center for the Advancement of Well-Being
Katie Clare (CAWB) will discuss resources from the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being to support the Mason community as we work toward Goal #7 around thriving and well-being. A university that is thriving around well-being must see this work embedded throughout the campus culture, not limited to CAWB.

BREAKOUT ROOM #10: Career Services
Elena Chiru (University Career Services)
Rachel Lindsey (University Career Services)

BREAKOUT ROOM #11: Women and Gender Studies Center
Anu Aneja (Director)
David Corwin (Associate Director)
This session will highlight the resources in place to support faculty, staff, and students in the Women and Gender Studies Program and Center. These include but are not limited to our library, guest presentations, Intersectionality 101 training, gender-related expertise consultation, and a variety of programs your students can be involved in.

BREAKOUT ROOM #12: LGBTQ+ Resources Center
Josh Kinchen (Director)

BREAKOUT ROOM #13: Harmonize Online Discussion, Chat & Q&A Platform
Ramelle Riley, VP of Partnerships
Nicole Baldassarre
Michael Hakkarinen

Created in response to educator and student feedback, the Harmonize platform seamlessly integrates with learning management systems to create an engaging, collaborative community for dynamic academic discussion, creative and analytical thinking, and in-depth feedback that drives improved learning outcomes. To learn more about 42 Lines, visit To learn more about Harmonize, visit

BREAKOUT ROOM #14: Classroom Technologies and Learning Support Services
Crystal Clemons (Learning Support Services)

BREAKOUT ROOM #15: Blackboard
Lisa Andion, Senior Solutions Engineer
Lisa Clark, Senior Client Experience Manager
Zeina Habal, Regional Vice President
Leslie Kent, Client Experience Manager

Author Biographies

Sharon Doetsch-Kidder

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

LaShonda Anthony

University Life, Academic Integrity

Jennifer Ashley

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Elena Chiru, George Mason University

Coming soon

Vicki Dominick

University Life, Learning Services

Alyssa Fahringer

University Libraries

Jesse Guessford, George Mason University

Coming soon

Janet Ha Poirot

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Steven Harris- Scott

INTO Mason

Susan Lawrence

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Katie Lewis, George Mason University

Coming soon

Nick Tatum

College of Humanities and Social Sciences