SHOWCASE: Transparency in Your Course and Assignments: Making the “Hidden Curriculum” Visible (90 mins)


  • Colleen Sweet
  • Carla Burns
  • Ariel Goldenthal
  • Janet Ha Poirot



Building transparency into course assignment design not only helps set students up for success, but can also make our courses more inclusive and make higher education more equitable to our students. This session will introduce the benefits and techniques for building more transparency into course assignments, as well as highlighting examples and experiences from Mason instructors. Participants will have the opportunity to begin working on creating a new assignment or revising a course assignment for their own teaching. 


Conveners: Colleen Sweet, Monisha Tripathy 


Panelist Speakers: 

Carla Burns (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Janet Ha Poirot (College of Humanities and Social Sciences—School of Integrative Studies) 

Ariel Goldenthal (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Debra Stroiney (College of Education and Human Development) 

Author Biographies

Colleen Sweet

College of Humanities and Social Science

Ariel Goldenthal

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Janet Ha Poirot

College of Humanities and Social Sciences






2021 THURSDAY 10:00am-11:30am