SHOWCASE: Pandemic Pedagogy: Lessons Learned and New Models (90 mins)


  • Jacqueline Serigos
  • Eric Anderson
  • Gabriele Belle
  • Yvonne Demory
  • Ariel Goldenthal
  • Andrea Landis
  • Xin Li
  • Alison Melley George Mason University
  • Kevin Rockmann
  • Alexandria Zylstra



The global pandemic brought rapid change to most classes taught at George Mason. Moving to an online platform brought many challenges and offered new insights for many educators. In this session, we will hear from ten faculty members about the insights they gained and changes they made to their teaching, including the specific tools and resources they make use of to transform their teaching, such as the Zoom white board for peer-review and interactive activities, the Padlet tool to create reciprocity circles, and group discussion forums for timed-essay assignments. This session will give you time to reflect on your own teaching, engage in interactive activities, learn for short talks and ask questions during the Q&A portions.

Conveners: Alison Melley, Megan Stutesman

Panelist Speakers:
Eric Anderson (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Gabriele Belle (College of Science)
Yvonne Demory (School of Business)
Saiid Ganjalizadeh (School of Business)
Ariel Goldenthal (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Andrea Landis (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
Xin Li (School of Business)
Kevin Rockman (School of Business)
Alla Webb (School of Business)
Alexandria Zylstra (School of Business)

Author Biographies

Jacqueline Serigos

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Eric Anderson

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

***TEA-Gen Ed 2014 Winner***

Gabriele Belle

College of Science

Yvonne Demory

School of Business

Ariel Goldenthal

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Andrea Landis

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Xin Li

School of Business

Alison Melley, George Mason University

Coming Soon

Kevin Rockmann

School of Business 

Alexandria Zylstra

School of Business





2021 WEDNESDAY 10:00am-11:30am