SHOWCASE: Online Class Meetings: Activities and Strategies to Engage Students (90 mins)


  • Nathan Kathir George Mason University
  • Anya Evmenova
  • Gilbert Gimm George Mason University
  • Ariel Goldenthal George Mason University
  • Alison Melley George Mason University
  • Jihye Moon George Mason University
  • Raven Russell George Mason University



The purpose of this session is to make the attendees have increased confidence in teaching classes online and listen from experts that it can be fun, educational and engaging as well. Motivation for the talk is what happened to all of us in March 2020. Although select course have been delivered remotely before the arrival of pandemic in March 2020, all of us were required to teach online with a very short notice starting after the spring break in 2020. For many of us, this was the first time teaching remotely and had to learn the technical means of how to deliver the courses successfully and at the same time, to engage the students to stay attentive. Attendees in this session will hear from those who have had experience and mastered the online delivery of courses. The speakers will share lessons learned and activities designed to engage students to stay attracted to virtual classes.

Author Biographies

Nathan Kathir, George Mason University

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Anya Evmenova

***TEA-Technology 2016, OTEA 2018 Winner***

Gilbert Gimm, George Mason University

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Ariel Goldenthal, George Mason University

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Alison Melley, George Mason University

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Jihye Moon, George Mason University

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Raven Russell, George Mason University

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2021 WEDNESDAY 10:00am-11:30am