SHOWCASE: Strategies for Non-Exam Assessments, Grading, and Providing Feedback (90 mins)


  • Cathy Ross
  • Lydia Figueroa Norfolk State University
  • Timothy Leslie
  • Patricia Maulden
  • Debra Stroiney
  • Patrice Winter
  • Steven Zhou



Assessment is an important part of the learning process.  Grading and giving feedback can be time intensive activities, which have historically resulted in the overuse or misuse of multiple-choice style exams.  The goals of this session are to present, discuss, and model the essential components of non-exam assessments, grading and feedback.  

Part 1-Participant Prior Knowledge 

The first part of the session will begin by asking participants why they think non-exam assessments and feedback are important in teaching.  Then they will be asked to write on a whiteboard examples of non-exam assessments and feedback they have given in the past and what makes these assessments and feedback effective. 

Part 2-Case Studies and Small Group Discussion 

The goal of the second part of the session is to give participants the opportunity to put these ideas into practice. They will do this by examining some samples of course material that presenters have taught and coming up with appropriate ways to assess students’ understanding of the material. Participants will examine samples of assignments with or without rubrics and discuss the most effective and fairest ways to grade such assignments. Participants will also examine samples of students’ assignments and practice giving feedback on these assignments. The second part of the session will be conducted mainly in breakout groups of 4-5 participants led by one of the speakers who will record key take-aways on a shared document for their group. 

Part 3-Whole Group Discussion 

We will wrap up by asking speakers to share highlights from the small group discussions and ask participants to share any additional key take-aways that they learned about strategies for non-assessment exams, grading and feedback via a virtual whiteboard or in the chat. 


Conveners: Cathy Ross, Laura Todd 


Panelist Speakers: 

Melissa Brockelman-Post (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Lydia Figueroa (Norfolk State University and Mason Partner) 

Timothy Leslie (College of Science) 

Patricia Maulden (Carter School of Peace and Conflict Resolution) 

Debra Stroiney (College of Education and Human Development) 

Patrice Winter (College of Health and Human Services) 

Steven Zhou (College of Humanities and Social Sciences) 

Author Biography

Lydia Figueroa, Norfolk State University

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2021 WEDNESDAY 10:00am-11:30am