SHOWCASE: Engaging Students in Active Learning Classrooms or in Hybrid/Hyflex Models (90 mins)


  • Steven Zhou
  • Mihai Boicu
  • Crystal Clemons
  • Irina Hashmi George Mason University
  • Katrina Johnson George Mason University
  • Jim Mclean George Mason University
  • Katie Rosenbusch
  • Gene Shuman George Mason University
  • Julia Tungli



COVID-19 has brought remote and online teaching to the forefront of all instructors' daily lives and routine. Even as we return to on campus classroom learning environments, many courses will remain online; be reimagined into some blend of online and face-to-face components (hybrid); or offer both in person and remote participation options (hyflex). This session will feature panelists with experience teaching in Mason’s active learning classrooms, using hybrid models of course design, or using online and classroom technologies to create hyflex learning opportunities.  Specifically, the session will focus on ways to engage students in active learning environments and remotely using classroom and online technologies to effectively teach students from diverse backgrounds across a spectrum of modalities.  By the end of this session, participants will be able to list the major teaching technologies and active learning environment spaces and technology support resources available to them at Mason and leave with concrete plans for using at least one of these technologies or approaches in their own courses. 
1. Introductions (10 minutes) 
2. Panel discussion about [coming soon] (30 minutes) 
3. Technology showcase demonstrations in breakout rooms (30 minutes) 
4. Q&A and discussion of applying to participant courses (20 minutes)

Conveners: Steven Zhou, Crystal Anderson 


Panelist Speakers: 

Mihai Boicu (Volgenau School of Engineering) will share his strategies for successfully teaching in Mason’s active learning classrooms (for the last 7 years); how he incorporates online components into face-to-face courses; and how his teaching has been transformed due to COVID-19. 

Crystal Clemons (Classroom Technologies) will share updates on the newest active learning classrooms on Mason’s campuses (e.g., Horizon Hall) and the latest in classroom technologies available to support instructors in offering students real-time remote participation in face-to-face courses. 


Irina Hashmi (Volgenau School of Engineering) will share [coming soon] 

Katrina Johnson (Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning) will share a variety of online technologies and activities that can be used across disciplines to support learning across modalities. 

Jim Mclean (Information Technology Services) will share [content needed] 

Gene Shuman (Volgenau School of Engineering) will share [content needed] 

Julia Tungli (Information Technology Services) will share [content needed] 

Katie Rosenbusch (School of Business) will share what has and hasn’t worked in Mason’s active learning classrooms (from her experiences over the last 5 years); how she incorporates online components into face-to-face courses; and how her teaching has been transformed due to COVID-19. 

Author Biographies

Irina Hashmi, George Mason University

Coming soon

Katrina Johnson, George Mason University

Coming soon

Jim Mclean, George Mason University

Coming soon

Gene Shuman, George Mason University

Coming soon





2021 TUESDAY 1:00pm-2:30pm