SHOWCASE: Creating Community and a Sense of Belonging in Your Course (Whether Face-to-Face or Online) (90 mins)


  • Supriya Baily
  • Jackie Brown
  • David Powers Corwin
  • Kimberley Daly
  • Al Fuertes
  • Jennifer Lewis
  • Sophia Marshall
  • Alison Melley
  • Katherine Miscavige
  • Christy Pichichero
  • Shannyn Snyder



In this ITL Showcase Session faculty will share practical activities and tools that have proven successful in building a sense of community and belonging in their courses. Participants will leave the session with a full toolbox to use in the classroom. In the second half of the session, faculty will share different perspectives on the conceptual and philosophical frameworks around why creating that sense of belonging and community is important and contributes to all student learning.

1. Welcome!

2. What I do, what I have my student’s do… in course strategies. Five minute flash presentations by:
Ms. Shannyn Snyder (low-stakes activities, time to chat)
Dr. Jennifer Lewis (bridging two majors in a specialized course)
Dr. Alison Melley (padlet, perusal)
Ms. Sophia Marshall (hybrid courses)
Dr. Kimberley Daly (conferencing with students)
Dr. Katherine Miscavige (making a large class feel small with learning communities)

3. Breakout Group discussion: Speakers will lead small group discussion from their philosophical approach to community building. Discussion is designed to provide attendees with specific strategies and resources they utilize to support their community framework.
Dr. Al Fuertes
Dr. Christy Pichichero
Dr. Supriya Baily
Dr. Jackie Brown

4. Re Group final Q&A

Author Biographies

Kimberley Daly

***ATEA 2019 Winner***

Al Fuertes

***TEA 2008 Winner***

Shannyn Snyder

***ATEA 2018 Winner***





2021 TUESDAY 1:00pm-2:30pm