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  • Laura Lukes George Mason University




Due to COVID-19, the 2020 conference was transformed from a face-to-face event to a 100% remote online event.  You can read about how we accomplished this in our article in To Improve the Academy (DOI: https://doi.org/10.3998/tia.17063888.0039.305). The core programming of the 2021 conference is primarily online, with a modest face-to-face social event on the last day in accordance with the COVID-19 protocols in effect.  

ITL Conference Proceedings 

2021 Editor: Katie Skipper 

Assistant Editors: Charlotte Morgan Petsche, Ashley Joiner, M.A., Shekera Moore  


2021 ITL Conference Director 

Katie Skipper 


Stearns Center Events Manager 

Ashley Joiner, M.A.  


2021 ITL Conference Planning Team (in alphabetical order) 

Ashley Joiner, M.A.  

Shekera Moore 

Christopher Ogom 

Charlotte Morgan Petsche  

  1. Shelley Reid, Ph.D.

Katie Skipper 


2021 Tech Hosts (in alphabetical order)-These wonderful people set up, launched, and coordinated Zoom session technical logistics (including coordinating session teams consisting of tech host, session host, and presenters). 

Emily Cobb 

Jade Geary 

Terri Ann Guingab 

Katrina Johnson 

Ashley Joiner, M.A. 

Stevie Kelly 

Shekera Moore 

Eric Neitzke 

Christopher Ogom 

Charlotte Petsche 

Shelley Reid 

Ala Showers 

Katie Skipper 

Darlene Smucny  

Monisha Tripathy 


2021 Session Hosts-These wonderful people welcomed session participants to the conference, introduced the session format and session presenters, and engaged participants throughout the session in chat to enhance the community feel of the event. 

Crystal Anderson 

LaTisha Elcock 

Jade Geary 

Larisa Olesova 

Tom Polk 

Catesby Porfirenko 

Shelley Reid 

Ala Showers 

Katie Skipper 

Darlene Smucny 

Laura Todd 

Ali Weinstein 


2021 ITL Conference Peer Reviewers and Program Selection Committee 

Crystal Anderson  

Sanja Avramovic  

Mihai Boicu  

Amie Bowman  

Hyunyoung Cho  

Maggie Daniels  

Christopher DiTeresi  

Lourdes Fernandez  

Saiid Ganjalizadeh  

Aayushi Hingle 

Hannah Klawa  

Karen Lee  

David Lemmons  

Sophia Marshall  

Helen McManus  

Tareque Mehdi  

Susan Pilley  

Thomas Polk  

Mary Richardson  

Esperanza Román-Mendoza  

Darlene Smucny  

Shannyn Snyder  

Sarah Squire  

Jennifer Stawasz  

Debra Stroiney  

Parvinder Sublok  

Cigole Thomas  

Julia Tungli  

Elaine Viccora  

Alla Webb 



Gold Level $4,999-1,000 


George Mason University Office of the Provost: Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning 

University Libraries 

Silver Level $999-500 




Conference Platforms: Sched (conference scheduling app); Zoom (online conference sessions) 





Editorial Information