WORKSHOP: Group Work and Collaboration Tools (40 mins)


  • Julia Tungli George Mason University, ITS, Instructional Technologist - Learning Support Services



Know what type of assignment or activity that you want to have your students do, but wonder if there is a simpler way to do it using teaching technologies and online learning management system tools? Want to know what technologies and online tools are available (in Mason classrooms or online)? Join us for a quick overview tour of technologies you can use (and why you would) to support these three basic teaching practices: sharing information, checking student understanding in real time or asynchronously, and getting students to work collaboratively. Following the overview, participants will go into breakout sessions to learn more “how to” basics for the technologies or tools of their choice.

Author Biography

Julia Tungli, George Mason University, ITS, Instructional Technologist - Learning Support Services

Julia Tungli joined the staff of GMU last year as an instructional technologist. She loves helping faculty and students make the most of our educational experiences using Blackboard and other tools. She started out her higher ed life as a student at Rutgers University, where she earned her BA in Mathematics and EdM in Mathematics Education. From there, Julia went on to become a classroom teacher, a content coordinator with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and an adult education program manager. Her career has always focused on education and fostering growth. In her personal life, Julia has a husband and two toddlers that keep her active and busy.






THURSDAY 3:00pm-3:40pm