WORKSHOP: Classroom Technologies: What to Expect in Horizon Hall  (40 mins)


  • Crystal Clemons George Mason University, Information Technology Services, Director-Classroom & Lab Technologies, Learning Support Services
  • LeAnn Pittman George Mason University, Manager - ITS/CaLT/Learning Space Design



Know what type of assignment or activity that you want to have your students do, but wonder if there is a simpler way to do it using teaching technologies and online learning management system tools? Want to know what technologies and online tools are available (in Mason classrooms or online)? Join us for a quick overview tour of technologies you can use (and why you would) to support these three basic teaching practices: sharing information, checking student understanding in real time or asynchronously, and getting students to work collaboratively. Following the overview, participants will go into breakout sessions to learn more “how to” basics for the technologies or tools of their choice.

Author Biography

LeAnn Pittman, George Mason University, Manager - ITS/CaLT/Learning Space Design

How I got started: I have always like seeing how things work When I was 8 years old, I broke the battery wires on my radio, which I loved. I fixed it. I've been loving technology ever since!

I have been working in the Audio Visual industry for 25 years, as a technician and then a Director in live events, and for the last 20 years have been at Mason in various roles. I have been a support manager, an AV engineer/designer, a project manager and now the manger of Learning Space design, which designs technology systems for classrooms, informal learning spaces, and conference rooms. We also work in a consulting capacity for departments and other projects.

When I am not working I am an avid photographer and mom to 2 parrots and 4 fur kids, the youngest being an 11 week old Boxer.






THURSDAY 3:00pm-3:40pm