Lunch Session: Social Lunch Hosted by Associate Provost for Graduate Education, Laurence Bray, Ph.D. (30 mins)


  • Laurence Bray George Mason University



Want to meet other faculty and staff at Mason? 

Join us for this informal conversational session. 

As a participant, after a few brief remarks from the Associate Provost for Graduate Education, Laurence Bray, Ph.D., you will be put into a smaller “lunch table” break out group and asked to:

  • introduce yourself,
  • share what courses you are teaching,
  • share what you are excited about for teaching this semester,
  • share what concerns you have,
  • share your teaching tips,
  • listen to tips from others,
  • talk about the ITL sessions you attended or whatever else teaching-related you want to talk about!

Author Biography

Laurence Bray, George Mason University

Computational neuroscience is a growing field of research as our technological ability attempts to approach the complexity of the human nervous system. In order to construct real-time intelligent systems, researchers must use high-performance computing, experimental data recording and complex brain modeling to develop robotic functions that mimic the way humans think. The focus of Laurence Bray’s recent research, “Large-Scale Biologically Realistic Models of Brain Dynamics Applied to Real-Time Intelligent Robotic Systems”, involves getting clear understanding of physiological responses to “trust” scenarios and modeling them in artificial intelligence. The United States Office of Naval Research is funding a grant to Bray’s lab for the purpose of exploring better decision-making capabilities of artificial intelligence. The project proposes the first biologically realistic model for trust based in both software and hardware modeling. Bray coaches Mason seniors to push the limits of technology in a variety of design project-based courses for the biomedical engineering program.






WEDNESDAY 12:15pm-12:45pm