ON DEMAND: Efficient communication in fully online teaching & learning (15 mins)


  • Sang Nam George Mason University
  • Ying-Ying Kuo George Mason University




A. TEACHING CHALLENGE: The Computer game design (CGD) instructors have the need for efficient communication channels, in addition to emails and discussion forum, which allow students to interact with their classmates, team members, and the instructors in a fully online class setting. Students need to solve technical issues in the learning process and/or for agile process of team projects so they requires fast-speed like real-time conversations. The responses need to be cared immediately but at an informative and informal manner, rather than formal and thoughtful responses on emails and the thread on the Blackboard discussion forum. B. SOLUTION STRATEGY: Due to the pedagogy of CGD, the demand for more efficient conversations, beyond using the emails and discussion board, has merged. This panel (or presentation) shares two types of team chat tools, Slack and Discord, which can support effective and efficient communications in a real-time for online teaching and group projects. Instructors can set up a channel of Slack/Discord and invite students to join it. Slack/Discord acts as an alternative communication tool, in addition to emails and Bb discussion board, to support a real-time conversation as students work on group projects and receive fast and in-time feedback from the instructor or peers. When the communications may happen suddenly and instant responses are expected, Slack/Discord can provide more efficient service C. CONTEXT/EVIDENCE: The purpose of integrating technology into online education is to support teaching objectives and instructional methods. Using Slack/Discord allows communication happens anytime and anywhere, as users can access them on mobile devices, e.g. cell phone and iPad, and computers. This design can support any fully online courses that require interactions happen in a fast pace. A learning community is established, in which instructors can provide supplementary content in text, graphic, and videos and students can support each other or work as groups. D. FORMAT: A panel discussion (or presentation) on pedagogical needs for technology integration—using Blackboard discussion board vs. team chat tools—Slack/Discord A demonstration of how to set up Slack/Discord and examples using Slack/Discord in CGD courses for group projects and supporting learning community. The question and answer is encouraged during the panel discussion/presentation. E. TAKE AWAYS/ADAPTATION: Participants will be able to: learn how to consider their pedagogy and make instructional decision on selecting communication tools for their online teaching and learning design team projects with using Slack/Discord understand pros and cons of using Slack/Discord from experienced CGD faculty





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