ON DEMAND: Interteaching: An evidence-based strategy to increasing engagement through peer-based instruction (15 mins)


  • Kristy Park George Mason University




During the current evolving nature of instruction, we are called to be innovative in higher education. Technological advancements have created a paradigm shift in the design, delivery, and assessment of instruction with more distance learning opportunities. Students taking asynchronous classes benefit from self-paced instruction but often lose the connection and community of learning in a typical virtual format. One strategy to incorporate peer-based learning is an instructional strategy called interteaching (Brown, Killingsworth, & Alavosius, 2014). Research has shown that this strategy incorporates guided instruction, study guides, peer-to-peer instruction, and instructor feedback in an active learning approach (Sturmey, Dalfen, & Fienup, 2015). First, students independently complete “pre-work” which is a prep guide with study questions. Next, students work in small groups to review the questions and concepts to answer the study questions through a peer-to-peer learning approach. After small group discussion, students complete a survey to follow up with any questions about the prep guides. To help with preparedness, students complete a peer rating form to assess levels of peer productivity and engagement. Lastly, the instructor presents a clarifying lecture based on student questions and comments.
Prior to the use of interteaching, I did not have a consistent way to answer student questions or provide extended discussions related to research-to-practice gaps. I will share instructor experiences of this instructional approach used in an asynchronous course, EDSE 624: Seminar in ABA. Because the interteaching assignment covers topics that show discrepancies between evidence-based practice and actual implementation in the field, it has been an insightful learning opportunity for students to connect with others who have similar and/or different experiences in the workplace.





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